Our team: we’re here for you personally and directly.

At BR-CONNECTORS, you will encounter a team of highly motivated employees who all share our philosophy that the customer and the result are clearly at the center of everything we do. In practice, this simply means that it is only when you are satisfied as a customer, that our team can be satisfied too. Compromises are not part of the way we do things.

Our highly efficient team brings together young, highly dynamic employees with seasoned experts who have more than 25 years of professional experience. For us, this is the perfect mix when it comes to developing new ideas and implementing them effectively. Everyone is a real specialist in their field, and this is something we encourage and support through ongoing training.

We are looking forward to having a conversation with you.

Bernd Reinert

Managing Director
Tel. +49 7231-20 40 9 – 21

More than 25 years of experience with electromechanical components | Expertise in test field and EMS production | Experience with processing machines for cable assembly | Introduction of numerous customized special solutions | Collaboration in the development of processing machines | The autonomy to offer customers what is actually possible.

Marika Reinert

Tel. +49 7231-20 40 9 – 28

Completed studies in aerospace technology | Worked as a student in the electromechanical field during her studies, and completed a half-year internship in the field of construction.

Otto Boborzi

External sales
Tel. +49 7231-20 40 9 – 27

Jessica Gebauer

Inside Sales
Tel. +49 7231-20 40 9 – 29

Sabine Fischer-Raible

Purchase Logistics
Tel. +49 7231-20 40 9 – 24

Ute Hoffmann

Warehouse Manager
Tel. +49 7231-20 40 9 – 18