Special solutions. Customized just for you.

There are cases where neither a standard product nor an adapted component is the ideal solution for an application. In such cases, the constructional and geometric requirements can only be solved by a customized development. You can count on the BR-CONNECTORS team in situations like this. We will create exactly the right connector system for you – from requirements analysis through design and toolmaking to production. This is where you will benefit most from our many years of experience in the development of electromechanical components.

Initially, together we will define with you the mechanical and technical requirements. We will discuss functions, installation space and production possibilities, and we will outline first ideas and solutions. Then we will check whether an existing product can be adapted to suit the purpose. If not, we will get into the design phase, create 3D files if required, build the necessary tools and create prototypes, until we will have finally paved the way to series production.

In the end, your fully customized product will be ready for you.

Two success stories for customized special solutions.

From wire-to-board

to board-to-board

What was needed
The starting point for this project was a connector system with a 1.50 mm pitch which had been common for many years. Until then, however, it had only been used for wire-to-board. The customer needed a corresponding board-to-board variant.

Our solution
Our solution consisted of a special contact for the crimp housing, which we developed specifically for the customer. It enabled the crimp housing to be used as needed as a female header.

Connector pin

What was needed
For use on an e-bike’s ABS control unit, the customer needed a plug-in connector system to feed the wires. Since the controller's housing was very small, commercially available systems could not be used.

Our solution
We developed a special pin as a THR version, which leads out through the board and then through a small opening out of the housing. On the outside of the housing it serves to connect the power supply to the board. The gold-plated pin received a conical longitudinal opening on the side to facilitate soldering.

Special requirements?

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